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Wilderness Trails

Living in complex, civilised society has enormous benefits for humans, but the benefits also come at a cost. Beneath the surface of the routines and rituals that keep us safe and insulated, many of us yearn for a more simple and raw contact with ourselves and our World. To be in the wild, surrounded by wild life, may bring alive something wild in ourselves. Freed from the background noises, pollution and lights of urban life, you may feel all your senses come alive as never before.

This experience will consist of a 7 day trail in the Umfolozi Wilderness area, once the personal hunting ground of Shaka, King of the Zulu. We will practice minimum impact camping in a place where there are no signs of present day civilisation. We will sleep under the stars, cook on the camp-fire and hear directly the night sounds of Africa. By day we will walk, and we may see rhino, buffalo, lion, leopard, elephant, and a variety of antelope. We may see eagles gliding and vulture circling. Everywhere will be evidence of a circle of life that we become witness to, and a part of.

Walking and sleeping in the wilderness brings up a different set of experiences, excitements and fears for everyone. There is an outer journey through the land, and an inner journey through the experiences that are opened up within.

After the 7 day trail will be a 3 day workshop in a peaceful location to help participants deepen, and make meaning of the experience for themselves, make the transition from wilderness to civilisation, and to look at how we can integrate the experience into our daily lives.

Many traditional societies have had rituals that include spending time in wilderness at times of transition, such as becoming adult, moving into a position of authority or preparing for a major life change.  These trails also seem to be particularly appropriate for those undergoing major life-change, including midlife process.

The trail is led by fully qualified and experienced wilderness guides, and the workshop is led by Mike.

Since details of the expedition vary from time to time it is necessary to have a conversation with Mike about each particular trail.


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