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Mike Wibberley

Is a psychotherapist with over forty years experience in the field of humanistic therapy.

He works in private practice in London and Milton Keynes.

Mike offers:

  •          Individual Therapy
  •          Mixed Therapy Groups
  •          Men’s  Therapy Groups
  •          Supervision for Psychotherapists, Counsellors and Coaches (one-to-one and groups)
  •          Team Development
  •          Wilderness Trail/Workshops

'I believe Humanistic Therapy has much to offer in the modern world.

As the general pace of life increases, and external stimulation and demands become more constant, opportunities to engage in experiencing ourselves diminish. It becomes more difficult to find times to reflect, to engage with our own rhythms and pulses, and to assimilate our experiences in a way that is genuinely satisfying. The therapeutic experience gives the opportunity to explore who we are, how we live, and how we experience ourselves in depth.

Over the last fifty years communities have also changed, and the sense of connectedness and belonging has diminished for many. As well as our relationship with ourselves, therapy gives the opportunity to look at how we relate to others – in couples, friendships and communities – how we  fulfil our own needs in relationship and how we share ourselves with others.

Therapy allows us to explore what is really important to us – what we need and what we value. It allows us to look honestly at how we are present, and how we want to be present and what we want to grow in ourselves.

Increasingly therapy is not just about dealing with difficulties – important as that is – but about the fullness of being alive in ourselves.'  - Mike Wibberley


Note; Apart from the picture of Mike the photographs on this website were all taken on Wilderness Trails in iMfolozi Wilderness, South Africa.